Mini Warehousing Facilities

Mini warehousing facilities:
There is a growing trend for small businesses to use self-storage units to run their operations from due to the flexibility, affordable monthly rental rates, short notice periods and general low overheads.

A variety of Mini Warehousing units are available in sizes from 10m², 20m² to 30m²:
Half garage - 3m x 3m
Full garage - 6m x 3m
Caravan unit – 9m x 3m

StoreNet provides:
Well maintained, neat and tidy storage premises.
24/7 security guards, armed response, electrified fencing, security gate, CCTV etc.
Storage units construction are brick buildings with waterproof concrete roofing and floors.
Lockable garage doors and safety gates – use your own lock and key.
Electrical point available on request.
Affordable monthly rental rates.

Contact StoreNet to book your mini warehouse today.

Self storage unit booking

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