Self storage for household and business

Self storage for household and business:
Storenet in Pretoria offers a versatile self storage service for your household, business or flat dwellers’ needs for instant and convenient space and access.

How does self storage work?
A customer rents a store from Storenet of a suitable size to suit storage requirements. Once all belongings and goods have been packed , the customer locks the store and keeps the key. A customer is then free to come and go as much as necessary between 06:00 – 18:00, 7 days a week or as arranged beforehand.

Self storage units:
We provide purpose built, self storage facilities for the public and business which are equipped with clean, secure self storage units, available in different shapes and sizes to enable you to store any amount of goods, furniture or belongings.

Packaging material for self storage:
A large range of self storage boxes, bubble wrap, tape and other self storage packaging items are available for your convenience and ease of use.

What is not suitable for self storage:
Any plants, animals, fish or any living creatures.
Anything illegally obtained or any goods prohibited by law.
Any foods, liquids or perishable goods.
Anything that may cause a fire or may be flammable.
Any explosives or radioactive material.
Anything that may cause fumes or unpleasant odours.
Anything that may in any way cause a nuisance or result in damage to the storage unit or to the premises of Storenet.

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