Self storage the easy way

Self storage the easy way - some ideas to simplify your experience:

  1. Use our trolleys to transport your goods from vehicle to your storage unit.For regular store users, it is recommended for convenience to get a larger space than one packed to capacity.
  2. Space planning – stack all bulky items and heaviest boxes from the back of the unit making your way to the front. Put those items that you need to get to most often near the front and close to the door.
  3. Walkway planning - stack similar sized boxes together, the largest at the back to maximise space and to allow for walkways. Pack all heavy items into small boxes so that they can be easily lifted. Pack all odd shaped items last for ease of accessibility.
  4. Use only high quality boxes and fill them to capacity, but prevent any bulging as the boxes may collapse.  Keep boxes in uniform sizes as these are much easier to stack. If unsure, we provide boxes and a complete packaging solution.
  5. Compile an inventory of your stored items and label or number all boxes on all four sides for easy identification. Mark all boxes containing glassware. Keep list in a safe place at home.
  6. Use bubble wrap to protect fragile goods. Dishes and glasses and should also be individually wrapped in tissue paper and fill all pockets with packing material. Do not place heavy items on boxes containing glassware.
  7. Do not place any heavy items on sofas or mattresses. Alternatively, stack sofas and couches on their ends to create more space. Mattresses standing on end must be propped up.
  8. Drawers of furniture can be used to store porcelain, silverware and small items in wrapped in tablecloths, towels or blankets to prevent breakage.
  9. Table space can be used to pack around and on top of them. Legs can also often be removed and bubble wrapped before storing.
  10. Use wardrobe boxes for storing clothing on hangers which keeps their shape.
  11. Clean all surfaces of stoves and cooking equipment to avoid storing anything that may attract pests.
  12. Refrigerator and freezer must be completely dry and stored with doors open for ventilation.
  13. Stack chairs seat to seat with cloth or paper to separate them and for protection.
  14. Mirrors and pictures should be wrapped and put  in boxes, marked fragile and stacked upright.
  15. All soft furnishings to be covered by a protective cover.
  16. Keep furniture away from outside walls of store to aid ventilation.
  17. Goods and furniture must be covered with dust sheets to protect against dust.
  18. Pack books in strong boxes and keep them flat to protect the spines.
  19. Wipe bicycles and other metal items with proper agent to prevent rust. Same with all garden equipment after cleaning.
  20. Get one of our high quality padlocks to secure your self storage unit.

Goods not allowed in our secure storage facilities are:
Any hazardous goods
Cash and securities
Contaminated goods that are toxic or polluted
Firearms, munitions and explosives
Foods and perishable goods
Illegal goods
Living plants and animals
Radioactive materials
Waste products

Self storage unit booking

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